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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

I stood up and started cleaning my room and hiding the lame things I had. I arranged the bed a bit and threw all the stuffed animals inside the closet. I picked up the clothes I had in the floor and pilled them on top of my chair.

Suddenly, my phone started ringing so I picked it up quickly.

“Open your window” Sam said almost laughing.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna kill you” I hung up and ran towards the window, I opened it to find Sam looking up with that beautiful smile of his. He was carrying a backpack on his shoulder and he had a hoodie on his hand.

“How are you planning to get up smartass?” I half whispered and half shouted trying not to call my family’s attention who were probably having dinner.

“Um… wait” he dropped his things on the grass and I saw how he disappeared from my view. After a minute or two he came back with what seemed like a pretty heavy ladder on his hands. I frown and he giggled, it was pretty dark outside and I wasn’t sure if what I was looking was right or not,

“Where did you get that from?”

“I stole it from your neighbors, they won’t mind”

“Oh my God” I rolled my eyes trying to suppress my laughter.

He quickly placed the ladder against my house’s facade and climbed up until he was at my same level.

“Well you didn’t fall down, that was impressive” I giggled

“You gonna help me or?” he said extending his hand

“I shouldn’t actually but whatever” I rolled my eyes while I stretched a hand out so he could come inside my bedroom.

“Nice” he said looking around. “I had never come to you house before”

“Thanks” I sat on my bed while he kept looking around. “Yeah you haven’t”

“So that was romantic, wasn’t it?” he asked sitting next to me, “Romeo and Juliet right?”

“It was more like suicidal but okay” he grinned at me while he gave me his backpack. “What’s in here?”

“Open it”

I opened it and glanced inside. There were a million things in there literally, basically food. I loved this boy so much.

“Wow, Sam you didn’t have to”

“Yes I did, that’s what friends are for” he raised his eyebrows and took the backpack from. He slipped his hands inside and took out two hamburgers and some fries.

“Mm, this is great” I exclaimed while I gave bites to it. “Thanks really”

“So, what are you grounded for?”

“Because I was supposed to go to Jenn’s to finish a project but somehow, my mom found out that I went to the Mall with you instead”

“So it is my fault?”

“Yep” I exclaimed popping the p and he laughed really loud “Shhh, shut up” I covered his mouth with my hands,

“Sorry” he said still laughing, “Parents home?”

“Yeah and Tyler”

“So I better shut up then” I giggled. “You have something there” he pointed at my mouth.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, just there” he said while he came closer to me. He took a napkin and slowly cleaned my mouth with it. He was millimeters away from me and I wanted to kiss him so badly. And I knew he was thinking the same thing as I was, because he came even closer and just before our lips met I pulled away kind of regretting that action.

“Sam we can’t”

“I know, I’m sorry” he said pulling away and getting back to his original place in my bed. He cleared his throat, “Anyway” he exclaimed totally changing his tone of voice into a more joyful one, “I brought your favorite” he said while he took out two skittles bags from the backpack.

“You are the best definitely” I laughed while I snapped them out of his hand.

“And I brought these too” he dropped probably 20 bags full of other candies and chocolate bars.

He laughed when he saw how my face lighted up from joy. “You don’t have to thank me”

“Oh my God” I said while I tried a bit of everything, “So, how’s Allie?”

“She’s fine. The doctors said that she is better much better and that she won’t have to get surgery for at least now. They say it’s some kind of miraculous progress”

“Oh my God, Sam! That’s great”

“Yeah, I know. She misses you”

“I miss her too, I’ll make sure to go visit her”

“After your grounding ends though” I laughed and punched him.

“We’ll sneak out of school or something”


“Yeah, why?”

“I really corrupted you, sorry”

“You have said that before” I grinned while I gave another sip to my drink. “It’s fine though, I like being a rebel” I said in a mysterious tone.

“And that makes you much hotter”

“Oh really?” I said seductively

“See? It’s you who flirts with me! How the hell do you want me to stay away from you if you act like that (your full name)”

I rolled my eyes, “You are such a girl” I punched him and he laughed.

After some hours of laughing and deep talking…

“I guess I’ll have to go” he said looking at his phone

“Yeah, it’s late. Thanks for coming, really”

“It’s fine” he said while he stood up and headed towards the window.

“Bye” I said while I leaned in to kiss his cheek. I should have predicted that he would turn his head around and our lips would touch slightly. I laughed and shook my head

“What? Some friends do that” he excused himself while he chuckled.

“Yeah sure” I laughed as he climbed down the ladder.

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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 24

So, hey guys i’m so sorry i hadn’t been posting lately. I’ve been full of exams and i knpw that’s not an excuse but anyway here is chapter 24 and later today I’ll post 25! so yay! I’ll also make a couple of preferences and ships. If i have time I’ll write some imagines, so please request them in my inbox now! I’m so sorry guys but thank you for everything! ilysm

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Chapter 24

“Only friends, huh?” Gilinsky asked me while he walked me home back from the Mall. The sun was almost completely hidden and the first stars were shinning. “That’s not good”

“Jack, it is good. At least is better this way”

“Ok, so we will play to see how long you will last without throwing yourself over Sam. Johnson and I have already made our bets.”

“Oh my God, you truly are five years old” I laughed and rolled my eyes, “And I’m not going to throw myself over Sam by the way”

“Oh, yeah y/n, whatever you say” he chuckled and I punched his arm. “But what I really mean is that you are going to get back together eventually”

“Maybe” I half smile trying to sound mysterious.

“But now that you are friends, you know that he can go around making out with other girls freely, right?” he raised his eyebrows. Damn, why did he have to mention that? Yeah, I was slightly worried but there was nothing I could actually do, right?

“Yeah I know”

“And you are not worried?”


“Not even a tiny bit?”

“Zero” I smiled at him as we reached the door of my house. I quickly slipped inside to meet my mother in the kitchen.

“Hey mom” I exclaimed while I grabbed an apple from the counter.

“How was the History Project?” she asked while she leafed through a fashion magazine’s pages.

“It was good, we are almost done with it”

“You are grounded”

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me young lady, I’m so tired of all your lies and sneaking around behind my back. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, I don’t know if it is that Sam boy, or your new friends but you need to change your behavior and I’m talking very seriously. You are grounded for two weeks, no parties, no Mall, no getting out of the house. Only for school, do you hear me?”

“What the hell mom? You do understand you are grounding me for no reason, right?”

“Your History project with Jenn”

“What about it?”

“I thought it was Biology, and of course, I know understand there was no project at all” I froze. Shit, how could I be so stupid? Of course, it was Biology. “And you walked back home with a random guy. I truly don’t know what to think about you anymore. Go to your room, now”



I couldn’t believe her. I lied to her, okay, I’ll admit that but she just can’t ground me without me explaining what happened. I simply turned around and ran up the stairs to my bedroom. But in the way I bumped into Tyler, who had his headphones on and seemed really confused but opened his eyes widely when he saw me.

“Hey we need to talk sis”

“Not now”

“Yeah now” he pulled me inside his room and closed the door behind us. I turned around and oh, guess who was there. I rolled my eyes while I sat on his chair.

“Why is he still here?” I asked pointing at Isaac.

“Doesn’t matter, anyway, I wanted to apologize to you for hitting that douchebag”

“What?” He was trying to apologize…? Ok, that was weird.

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have just hit him, I probably should have killed him” he and Isaac burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes.

“You are five years old Tyler”

“Come on, it was funny” Isaac exclaimed and I rolled my eyes trying to avoid any visual contact with him.

“No it wasn’t Campbell”

“You still pissed babe?” He said and Tyler chuckled

“You call me babe again and I swear to God that I will rip your eyes off and staple them to your…” I was so closed to him that my brother had to pick me up and push me away.

 “Woah chill y/n” Ty said laughing.

“I seriously want him out of the house”

“Well that’s not happening” Isaac laughed, “I’m staying here for a week”


“Yeah, my house is being remodeled and your parents told mine it was fine if I stayed here for a couple days”

“Please tell me I’m dreaming”

“Anyway, you will have to get along with him” Tyler exclaimed


“Come on” he said, “He is my best friend”

“No way, bye” I exclaimed while I slammed his door behind me.


 I sat on my bed while I scrolled down my phone. Why did everything have to turn out bad for me? First, Sam and I were just friends, which I guessed was good but I didn’t think I could handle it for much time. Then, I was grounded for two whole weeks and I couldn’t get out of my house and consequently, I had to spend more time with Isaac. I sighed as I lied down in my bed. My phone suddenly vibrated, so I picked it up and saw that Sam was calling me. I quickly answered it.

“Hey Sam”

“Hi babe, I was wondering if you would like to go somewhere? Just as friends of course…”

“I wished I could my friend, but I’m grounded and I can’t get out of my house so yay”

“Damn, what have you done this time?”

“It doesn’t matter, anyway sorry”

“What for? If you can’t have fun, I’ll take the fun to you. Be there in 10”

“What? Sam, no I…” he hung up.

I tried to call him again but he didn’t pick up. Damn, how the hell was he planning to come here without being noticed? 

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Change- A Sam Wilkinson Fanfic- Chapter 23

Previous chapters here

Chapter 23

“Jenn” I said as she literally dragged me through the mall corridors as I had refused to move my feet from the floor. It was childish, yeah, but I didn’t understand why these people always pressured me to do things and exposed me to public humiliation. I guessed that’s how friends work. I laughed at the thought.

“Come on, it won’t be that bad” she giggled and pulled me harder until we reached the food court, “I’m sorry though” she whispered giggling in my ear and I punched her arm.

“Hi guys” Jenn exclaimed and sat down I copied her action but instead of pronouncing a word, I waved, completely ignoring Sam staring at me.

“Hey y/n, Jenn told you that we don’t break tradition for anything in the word, right?” Johnson asked chuckling.

“Yeah, I noticed” I said and took a fry from Gilinsky. “How long have you been doing this anyway?”

“Since freshman year” Scott answered his mouth full of food.

“Ew Scott, we don’t want to see that” Jenn closed her eyes.

“Oh, you don’t?” Scott said playfully leaning in to kiss her.

“Don’t” she laughed as they continued to fool around with each other.

I smiled. They were very cute actually.

“Sam how is your face?” Gilinsky asked and I internally cut his head off. “Remember that party where a guy beat me up and you laughed for a week? Well, now is my turn”

He chuckled and looked at me, “My face is fine, Jack. Thanks for asking though”

“I’m so sorry for that” I said shyly. “He can’t move his knuckles, if that helps”

He chuckled, “It’s fine y/n, don’t worry”

“Hey where are Jenn and Scott?” Johnson asked and Gilinsky shrugged. I looked round and realized they weren’t in the table anymore, how couldn’t I notice they were gone?

“Maybe we should go and look for them” He said standing up.

“You guys stay here” Johnson said.

“Yeah, we will find them quickly”

As they disappeared through a Mall corridor, Sam and I were left alone in the table. I hated them so damn much, I bet all this was planned since we came. Mental note: Kill Jenn when this day is over.

“Y/n” Sam said and I looked at him. “Don’t worry for your brother, really. Jenn told me you’ve been losing sleep over that”

I giggled, “Jenn is a bit exaggerated but I’ve been worried really” I looked down, “He is not that of an asshole, but now he is influenced by the douche of Isaac”

He sighed and clenched his teeth; “I guess so”

“Yep” I said and the silence came back. I played with my fingers and started to see if the guys were around, which of course weren’t.

“Hey, do you want to go somewhere else? It’s too noisy over here”

I nodded my hand as I stood up, “Yeah, let’s go”

We started walking when I heard some noise behind me, so I turned around and saw the guys following us stealthily. When they saw me they hid behind a column. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“At least you didn’t have to deal with that your whole life” Sam exclaimed laughing, I giggled.

“I guess so”

After a minute or so we reached the terrace of the Mall, I had never been there before, despite all the times I had visited the place. Sam sat on the edge of the building, his feet hanging over the busy streets of Los Angeles. He nodded his head to me; signal that I was supposed to sit by his side.

“This is so suicide, you are out of your mind”

“Come on, I’ll catch you if you fall” he said in a cheesy tone making me giggle.

I slowly sat on the edge, swallowing hard as I looked down to the tiny people and the dim lights below me.

“You know, we will have to talk about it sometime” Sam whispered after some seconds of silence. I nodded my head, my eyes fixed on the windows of the buildings in front of us. “I’m sorry” he said

“I’m sorry too” I said

“But it was my fault, I was drunk and I know that’s not a real excuse but I’m sorry”

“You are right, that’s not an excuse”

“I was jealous because of Isaac, because he kissed you and even though we weren’t really dating, I felt as if you belonged to me somehow, not in the possessive way though, if you know what I mean. Like, you were with me, not with him. He didn’t have any right to kiss you. I kissed that girl because I thought I was angry with you, but the thing is that I realized too late that I was actually pissed with Campbell not with you. You are too good to do something like that, and I couldn’t see it.” He looked down and I could swore that he voice was cracking, and in that moment something inside me begged me to hug him and kiss him. But, I couldn’t.

“It’s okay” I looked at him, “I understand, it was impulsive”

“We are good?”


“So that means that we…”

I cut him off, “No, we can’t go back to what we were, at least not now”

He opened his eyes; he really wasn’t expecting that. I guessed I wasn’t either, but then I remembered Ivy’s advice. “What do you mean?”

“Maybe we should be friends and see how that works out” I could literally see the hope in his eyes turning into disappointment. “Sam?”

“Yeah, I guess we can try that. It’s… it’s probably for the best” I swallowed hoping I had done the right thing. I believed that if we took things slower and tried to avoid the mistakes we did as a way of learning from them, then maybe, we could turn into something better. Don’t get me wrong, I wished I could cuddle with him and kissed him and do all that stuff that drove me crazy, but I had to practice abstinence.

“Yeah you are not mad, are you?”

“With you? Of course I’m not” he half smiled while he grabbed my hand.

I looked at him, “You do understand the concept of friendship, right?”

He laughed, “What? Friends hold hands, I hold Jenn’s hand occasionally”

I rolled my eyes, “If you say so”

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